Monday, 4 June 2012

Happenings as of Late

I was just reminded this last Sunday that I have not written on my blog here in quite some time...... a few months. I know it is terrible. But that is the way life goes some times.
As of Late... I have been very busy with a few things.
First of all school.
This is how I feel sometimes.... a mountain of books that seems like I will never finish. Slowly but surely I have been able to get my stack to only two more books to finish!! :) Yay! 

School has been going well. I have made some progress since I started back in February, but not as much as I have wanted. Being so busy as put a tole on the amount of school work I do get done in the month. So I am just trying to chug away at it, and hope I get it all done in the time I need to.

My school work for becoming a doula, has involved a LOT of typing of papers and such.

Most importantly this study has caused me to learn and grow more in my understanding of God and His word! Which has been the most rewarding thing, so far.

Work has also been taking up my time...

I have been working what seems a steady 30 hrs give or take each week. With those hours, it is hard to be motivated to do much more then that... But with Gods help I have been able to keep on doing what life requires of me at the moment.


Other then all of that... life has been another thing.The hanging out with friends and family  The basic cleaning and cooking and so on..

So there you have it, a quick update (and FINALLY a post on the blog here :)
Thanks for your faithful reading!!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

An Early Birthday Suprise

I should have posted this two weeks ago... but you know how I can be! :) Actually it isn't all my fault, the internet lately has been slow and didn't want to let me upload the large amount of pictures.
Any ways, two weeks ago, some wonderful girl friends put together a surprise party for my birthday this year. I was asked by Hannah if I would like to hang out with her that week. I said of course I would!! She planned it with the rest of the gals, that I would pick up Hannah, thinking that we were going to go see a movie and then go to dinner some where. Well when we arrived at the theatres, I was quite surprised that Heidi, Maria, Andra, Michaela, and Anna where all waiting for us, to go and see Planet of the Apes... ( which was interesting) Well I will tell you the rest of the story as we go through the pictures!
We couldn't get a clear on in the theatre. But here we are, except for Hannah who is taking the picture.
After the movie, we went over to this neat restaurant, Boppin Bo's. Which is a 50's style diner. With lots to look at, pictures covered the walls!

After this point, we got a little silly. Me drinking there wonderful house sauce. ;)

How we got this idea... I am not sure.
Then we decided to all take a picture, imitating someone on the wall. Here is me an Lucy.
This one isn't so clear, but it is of the baby! :)

I think this one is the best! Anna you are great at imitating people!!

We can Do It! :)

This one makes me laugh!! Hannah, couldn't stop laughing (hard to believe right?)

Andra got the cute one, Shirley Temple!

Okay we did have some serious times, opening presents!

From the Macks! Thanks Girls!! I love the tea and cup!! You know me well!

Thanks Heidi for the movie and treats!! Oh and thanks to Maria for the movie ticket!! :)

Okay on to the best part! Dessert!!

Sorbet Ice Cream...

Chocolate Milkshakes!!

All so yummy!

And here we all are!!

Thanks girls for a wonderful night!! I had a great time! And I was quite surprised by it all! I am so blessed to have such great friends as you all!!


Thursday, 19 January 2012

A worn Dictionary

Last week while I was doing some studies, I found myself using an old dictionary that was to neat to not take pictures of!! It is a 1950's Mariam International Dictionary Second Edition. 

Laugh, what a great word to take a picture of!!

Pretty old but allot of fun to snap a few pictures of!!  I Love the swirl designs on the side of the pages!


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A Winters Walk

Last week Dad and I took advantage of the sunshine and went on a walk close by. Here are some photos along the way. 
 There was a few ponds with ducks swimming about, I have never really tried to take pictures of them before, and now I know it is a bit of work, they like to move fast and dunk under water often! :)

An Icy patch

I couldn't believe I got this one before the bird flew away!!

This was a little mysterious, not sure what it is but it was fun to take a picture of!! :)

Frozen leaf

And the path ahead!

There you have it! Thanks for reading!

New Years Weekend.... Finaly I am posting these!! :)

Okay I am finally posting this!! I really don't like it when I get behind on these things... but sometimes it happens. So for New Yeas Eve Hannah and I had the opportunity to go out to lunch... We went to Red Robin!

We both ordered a "Freckled Lemonade" Which is just a strawberry lemonade... We both drank 3 of them.... we were supper full after that, and really sugared up!! :)

All the Cups (Photo Credit: Hannah)

The next day, New Years Day. After Church we, with a few others went over to the Woltersdorfs House.

Us girls went on a walk, and found ourselves lying in the street!! :) (Hannah took this one too)

Hannah was trying to get one of us jumping, but it didn't work. I still thought this one was neat.

 Then I tried and this is what I got!! :)
Esther looking like.... a flamingo!

Miss. Lydia is so photogenic!!

Esther was showing me how crazy my hair was!! :)

Here is the group, we all went to go feed the neighbours animals

Oh and of course Liberty wanted me to take pictures of her too! But she never stays still!! :)

Well there you have it... finally right? Well my new years celebration weekend was allot of fun!! I hope yours was the same!